Business Scope


East Asia Decoration Co., Ltd., now China Building Decoration Association executive director of the unit, Shandong Province Building Decoration Association vice president of the unit, is a building decoration design class A, construction Yiji, curtain wall design and construction integration Yiji qualification at the same time Set the steel structure, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, building intelligent, garden construction and decoration design as one of the specialized decoration enterprises, was named "national Shou contract, re-credit enterprises", "national credit rating AAA grade credit enterprise" , "National Building Decoration hundred enterprises", "National Excellent Construction Enterprise", "Top Ten Decoration Enterprise in Shandong Province", "Qingdao City, the top ten professional contract", and other honors.

"Build fine works, build perfect space". The company has been awarded the "Luban Award", "National Quality Project Award", "National Building Decoration Award", "National Building Engineering Decoration Award", "National Quality Project Award", "National Quality Engineering Award", " Shandong Province, the quality of decoration works Taishan Cup Award "and other hundreds of provincial awards, was named" National Building Decoration Award Star Star Enterprise. "

To create decorative classic, sustainable brand development. East Asia Decoration Construction of the National Ocean Laboratory, the twenty-ninth Olympic Games sailing center, the 11th National Games Qingdao Swimming Diving Hall, comprehensive museum, the twenty-third session of the Shandong Provincial Games Integrated Command Center, Qingdao International Airport, Qingdao Grand Theater, Qingdao Metro Line 3 public area decoration works and the 2014 Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition Museum, command center, reception center, museum and many other landmark projects, successive years by the Qingdao Municipal Administration Bureau awarded the "top ten enterprises outside the market"